Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday's 13 Things: to Think About from The Internet

  1. Library of Congress, Print & Photography Flickr Gallery!
  2. Original Brochure for Walt Disney World, the Epic Cornerstone of my Youth
  3. Mad City Chickens
  4. Typography Online gets better and better
  5. How to stop believing the news and laugh yourself sick at the same time.
  6. See Jesus
  7. Bacon-pyrotech-genius.
  8. What you DON'T want to see as you go under for a spleen transplant.
  9. Why your DSL goes out.
  10. Sit your ass on grass.
  11. Important: Rambo Death Chart
  12. Uh . . .
  13. Very, very, very cool glasses.
Please save me: my children are trying to kill me.

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