Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank GOD for Zotero!

As a writer, I'm constantly wrestling with research. I spend a lot of time angrily muttering about lack of seamless integration, about not having a real system, about punk librarians . . . well now I may have to shut up.

While I've been researching a new book, I downloaded some Firefox tools and found this divine intervention for serious writers and researchers: Zotero. Just visit the site and watch the video.

Get Zoterosrc=""/>

Please save me: my children are trying to kill me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

13 Reasons My Son Is Annoying

  1. Hey, Dad?!
  2. Hey, Dad?!
  3. Hey, Dad?!
  4. Hey, Dad?!
  5. Hey, Dad?!
  6. Hey, Dad?!
  7. Hey, Dad?!
  8. Hey, Dad?!
  9. Hey, Dad?!
  10. Hey, Dad?!
  11. Hey, Dad?!
  12. Hey, Dad?!
  13. Hey, Dad?!
Please save me: my children are trying to kill me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wet Willy Method To Stop Yelling at Your Kids, Wife, and Dog.

here was this one time, I was coming home from picking up the kids and they were in the van with me and I was yelling to Rah to put her bookbag on the middle seat and she was trying but she couldn't and I wigged out. I mean I just went wacko. I screamed at her and said some pretty crazy things and threated to stop the van and let her walk home. Just another normal day.

Yes, I am super dad.