Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Death By Children Rescues a Man from the Brink of Certain Demise!

I received this email this morning and it really brought home to me the importance of being an accident prone articulate smartass:

bloodyowl has left a new comment on your post "The Water Pik Netti Pot Listerine Don't Try This A... ":

AHH! I reached this mess by Googling "netti pot listerine" to see if I could! I saw Water Pik, and said in my congested head, "Yessss, I totally have one of those!"So, thankfully, my ADD held off long enough for me to read the outcome of your fiasco... otherwise, I would have whitewashed the oldest and deepest parts of my brain with straight Listerine.Thank you for saving my life, and doing it hilariously.But I'm curious: are you still stuffed up?
Please save me: my children are trying to kill me.

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