Friday, August 22, 2008

13 Bad Headlines for NASA's Admission to Sex Training For Mars Mission

A NASA adviser recently battled the president of Virgin Atlantic for the title of "most purposefully misquoted official" after they discussed how co-ed Mars Mission astronauts---stuck together in tight quarters for three years--- might, um, think about, um . . . probing. Read the whole story here.

  1. Astronauts Train For Bumpy Ride!
  2. The Eagle Has Landed! (um, that's not my Eagle . . .)
  3. NASA Talks to VIRGIN About SEX!
  4. Asked to Extend Boom, Astronauts Giggle Uncontrollably.
  5. Virgin Atlantic Adds "NOT!" to Logo!
  6. Probes No Longer Limited to Aliens!
  7. Uranus Begs for Name Change!
  8. Cigar Shaped Object Not Cigar!
  9. Howard Stern Heads New Apollo Mission!
  10. Mile High Club Extended by 100 Miles.
  11. Cape Canaveral Worker Fired for T-Shirt: "I Got Yer Right Stuff Hangin!"
  12. NASA Relocates to Miami Beach, Opens Club.
  13. New Space Suits Designed by Trojan.
Please save me: my children are trying to kill me.

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